An All-Round Service

We places at your disposal a technical promotional service which carries out on the spot inspections which are on nominal charge using expert and competent technicians, capable of advising ,helping and always ready to listen, understand and solve the problems.

Rates & Services

Technical Assistance offers you the following service packages to keep your plans fully efficient.


Functional recovery of each electrical and mechanical part of the circuit breaker with completely free estimates. Moreover, following a total overhaul of the circuit breaker, the warranty is reinstalled for 12 months from the date of supply.

Maintenance operation:

Apart from maintenance on fault, which includes any type of emergency intervention, there is a complete preventive maintenance offer, ensuring those who manage the plant considerable advantages in terms of reliability, safety and reduction of costs.


With increasing demand for power, aging equipments are subject to stringent loads beyond their rated values at many existing installations. The equipment is also required to perform reliably, meet the necessary standards, combat increasing fault levels and be compatible with the latest data communication systems. In many cases, considering shutdown constraints and cost factors, the value proposition offered by Retrofit Solutions are far greater than replacing the old equipment.
The key value proposition of Retrofit Solutions is the optimization of performance and investment
Typically, retrofit constitutes replacement of vital equipment having similar or advanced features, for life extension, reduced maintenance and improved functionality. This includes up gradation and modernization of basic equipment and allied parts. The retrofitted switchgear offers far greater system reliability, personnel safety and long term availability of spares with minimal investment and down time.


Exchange of wear parts or outdated equipment components while maintaining original plant and equipment configuration. The replacement of legacy with new active components. The main purpose is to improve the life cycle status of the circuit breaker.

There are 3 different types of retrofit solution available.

Hard bus Retro fill (RF):

The obsolete circuit breaker is totally removed and substituted with the new circuit breaker. The kitchen contains special designed and pre-configurated bus bars and covers to adapt the new Circuit breaker to the existing busbars.

Cradle in Cradle (CiC):

The fixed part of the new circuit breaker is suitably adapted and tested. This solution allows the new fixed part be fast fitted inside the existing fixedpart.

Direct Replacement (DR):

It is the faster solution for the customer,the moving part of the old circuit breaker is removed and the moving part of the new circuit breaker is suitably modified and tested to be inserted into the existing fixed part. This implies very short plant shutdown of the single user.


The conversion kit solutions improve the safety and the reliability of your plant, excluding the need for expensive spare parts and lowering maintenance expenses. The use of Air Circuit Breakers Service conversion kits provides the following benefits, Improves the safety and the reliability of a plant, excluding the need for expensive spare parts and lowering maintenance costs.

Ø Reduction in cost compared with those needed to install completely new switchboards.
Ø Reduced assembly operation times and the possibility of spreading installation stoppages out over time, which increase the guarantee of service continuity.
Ø Reduction in maintenance and repairing costs
Ø Components replaced quickly, easily and safely.
Ø Little or no hardware modifications.
Ø Adaptation plugs for auxiliary applications and more control on the plant with new protection relays

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for LT Panel :-

We undertake all kind of electrical panel AMC's which includes below scope of work. The panel will be serviced thoroughly as per the conditions laid. These services will be rendered positively to ensure trouble free working of the plant.

We undertake Preventive Maintenance and Annual shutdown maintenance work even during holidays without any additional cost.

Scope of Work :-

01. Servicing of Panels based on customer requirements.
02. Repair or replacement of Worn out spares
03. Break down Service
04. Preventive maintenance
05. Calibration of all MDM, Voltmeter and Ammeters.
06. Meggering of all Bus bar joints after the tightness work.

Exclusions :-

We will keep moving spares in stock for immediate requirement like. Power control unit, Solenoid coil support for all MCCB's, ACB Coils, heavy duty Capacitor Bank power contactors, Auxiliary Contactor , Hardware's etc on chargeable basis and also we undertake retrofitting works.

Breakdown Calls :-

Breakdown calls will be attended for plants located within city limits. Break down response is two to three hours from time of receipt of complaint from your representative and rectification will be carried out immediately.